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          Presidents Message   (October 2019)

          Greg Hofsted

          2018-2019 Annual Report

          CSC 2019 Awards

          Construction nada Magazine

          The latest interactive, digital edition of Construction nada is now available.  It allows you to search for specific topics, e-mail articles to colleagues, print pages and click on web links to access detailed information about products and services.

          To view Construction nada Magazine, or archived copies please click the logo below: 


          CSC Insurance – A BluePrint for Your Peace of Mind

          In a world of disruption, chaos, and uncertainty, you deserve an expert who creates confidence.

          Get YOUR peace of mind at  http://mumby.com/specifition-writers-insurance




          Mission Statement:

          CSC (Construction Specifitions nada)  is a national multi-disciplinary, non-profit association with chapters across nada.  CSC is committed to delivering progressive edution, certifition, publitions and professional networking opportunities for the design + construction community.

          CSC and CSI Renew Agreement to License and Support MasterFormat®


          CSC and BSD Announce Exclusive Alliance to Deliver the National Master Specifition (NMS) 
          and more!


          You n pay CSC membership renewals and other CSC invoices online at

          To order CCDC Documents/Contracts and/or Seals Click HERE

          To place an order for CSC electronic documents, or Master Specifitions please click HERE


          The new 2019-2020 Directory of Members has be mailed to all CSC Members.  If you have not received yours, please contact the Association office.  

          Click to view the 2019-20 electronic version



          Conference 2019 Wrap-Up 

          Thank you to the Regina Chapter Conference Committee for a very successful conference!

          We look forward to seeing you in Montréal Québec May 20 - 24, 2020!

          CSC Edution Workshop Series

          In just 5 days you n complete CSC's:
          PCD*, TR or C Course and in 7 days you n complete the Specifier (SP) course.

          Principles of Construction Documentation (PCD) * PCD is a pre-requisite
          Next offering TBA 
          Construction Contract Administrator (C) 
          March 4 - 8, 2020 (Toronto) 
          March 18 - 22, 2020 (Vancouver)

          Technil Representative (TR)
          March 4 - 8, 2020 (Toronto) 
          Specifier (SP)
          March 2 - 8, 2020 (Toronto)

          To register for an above workshop click

          CSC Online Edution Courses
          For information, dates and registration please click http://nn2.goldenbole.com/Edution/CSC+On-Line+Courses/

          The Online PCD and TR courses will start January 6 2020 

          Social Media

          Follow us on:

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